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Grana (parmesan cheese)

The exchange between the villages in Alta Val di Non and the Trentino is not just of a linguistic or a cultural nature. Many of the mountain dairy farmers in Alta Val di Non deliver their milk to the neighboring people in alpine dairies in the Trentino. There the milk is used in the production of the best “Grana” cheeses of Italy.

The distinctiveness of these products lies in the fact that strict quality guidelines must be adhered to during the production of the milk: Only high quality hay and special all-grain feed combinations are permitted.

Although Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano are the most widely known cheese brands in Italy, the Trentingrana cheese, the local variety of Grana produced in the Trentino region, is fast catching up in terms of reputation among those in the know.

It is produced by the local collective daires of the alpine dairy Fondo and Castelfondo , its only ingredients being cow's milk, salt and rennet. For the most part, its elaboration process is still carried out manually. For a piece of cheese of 40 kg, about 600 liters of cow's milk are required.
The maturation process of this delicious cheese takes 24 months, after which the Grana cheese is passed on to resellers.